Deep Cuts Fans would Love to See in Flash Season 3

On October 4th, The Flash will return to television screens. Fans have waited for the return of the scarlet speedster ever since the cliffhanger ending of season 2. While we already know a few tidbits, here is a list of things I, as a life long Flash fan would love to see in the upcoming season.

Artwork by Ed McGuinness

Max Mercury

The name Mercury labs, where Tina McGee works, is in reference to the golden age hero, Max Mercury. He has been teased since the first season and I for one think it’s time he made an appearance. Without delving too deeply into this lengthy origin, Max Mercury is a self-professed Zen master of speed. He was integral to the defeat of Savitar in the Dead Heat storyline from the comics and I believe that he would prove to be essential in Savitar’s small screen downfall.

Art by Brett Booth

Jessie Quick/Liberty Belle

Jessie Wells made her debut last season as the daughter of the Earth-2 counter part of Harrison Wells. He gave her the name Jessie Quick due to her ability to absorb information at a rapid pace. The rumor mill has already spotted actress Violett Beane in costume on set so there is hope. The appearance would happen naturally as her, along with Wally West, being affected in season 2 by the particle accelerator. Since we are getting Wally West’s Kid Flash in the premiere, can Jessie Quick be far behind?

Art by Oscar Jimenez

Speed Ninjas

One thing that looks to stay faithful to the comic is Savitar’s speed cult. No hint yet of Lady Savitar but if the producers wish to be ultimately faithful, Savitar’s acolytes were ninjas whom he lent some of his speed to. Each time one of the foes got knocked out, the remaining team gathered the fallen one’s speed into their own, making them even faster. A bit gimmicky to be sure but…you know…ninjas.

Art by Ethan Van Sciver

The Mirror Universe

It has already been confirmed that we will see the Mirror Master in some aspect this season and it will be the Sam Scudder version. It makes sense as he was the original incarnation of the character that created mirror versions of people to commit crimes for him. Pretty genius once you think about it. You can’t send him to jail since he’s not committing any crimes. I wonder what the voice of Dr. Alchemy, Tobin Bell of the Saw series, would have to say about that. The Flash however would send him there anyway, but once Scudder discovered the ‘mirror verse’ he would casually escape. The joke however was on him as once there he was unable to return to the real world and needed the Flash to save him.

Art by Ethan Van Sciver

Speed force

One of the coolest aspects of season 2 was the introduction of the speed force as a sentient power in the universe. It always pained me as a long time Flash fan that they treated it like a fluid that ran through Barry’s veins. When Mark Waid created the speed force, it was treated as a Valhalla for speedsters. With the introduction of Savitar’s speed cult and his worshipping of the speed force like a religion, season 3 should dig deeper into the universal power.

Art by Oscar Jimenez

The Flash as a series has taken certain characters and mashed them together. Hunter Zolomon in the show sought to steal Barry’s speed just as Savitar did in the comics. Eobard Thawne wished to make Barry a better hero just like Hunter Zolomon did in the comics. It’s hard to say what Savitar’s motivation will be. Given the religious aspect it may be simply to be worshipped. The name Savitar is derived from the Hindu god of motion after all.


Whatever they have in store for us, I’ll be waiting in anticipation. I’ve been a hardcore Flash fan since the first television show premiered back in the 90’s and this series has kept me on the edge of my seat since it started. The wait is nearly over now. The season premiere will be here in a flash. (sorry)

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