PotW: Emma Stone

Emma Stone takes the honor of PotW this week. Stone first came to fame in Seth Rogan and Even Goldberg’s Superbad where she showed her talent for portraying a strong female presence. She was next seen in an update of the Scarlet Letter, Easy A and cult favorite, Zombieland (seriously guys. When are we getting a sequel).

Emma Stone3

Her most famous role is most likely that of Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spiderman series of films. Stone also appeared in the Academy Award Winning film, Birdman, playing the daughter of a washed up actor trying to get another chance after famously playing a big box office superhero. Her smokey voice can be heard in the Crood films (yes. They are making another one). She is rumored to play Cruella Devil in the upcoming Disney film, Cruella.

Emma Stone2

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