Movies that Can’t be Made Today: Revenge of the Nerds

Keeping with the back to school theme from last week, I decided to look at one of the 80’s most remembered comedies. Mainly because they tried to franchise it and run it into the ground like anything else that makes money.

“Yes…I think a PG-13 sequel to Robocop is a great idea!”

Revenge of the Nerds focuses on a frat house of, well, nerds and their constant ridicule at the hands of the jocks, cheerleaders, preppies and pretty much anyone who thinks they are better than them which is essentially everyone. With a little coaxing from the Dean who is a former member of said fraternity, they decide they’ve had enough shit slung their way and decide to fight back.

twisted sister
“Someone’s not gonna take it anymore? That’s our cue, boys!”

Why it can’t be remade

Revenge of the Nerds came out at a time where things like D&D and computers were considered faux pa. One of the aspects of Stranger Things that they got painfully right was that the kids were picked on for being different. Revenge of the Nerds was very much a product of its time. Today, computers are not only used by everyone, but also embraced as a culture so much, it’s considered damn near a handicap if you are computer illiterate. Nerds somehow became the new sexy. So a flick about nerds being persecuted wouldn’t make much sense to today’s teen audience, which was the key demographic for original release. For that reason alone they can’t really remake Revenge of the nerds. Oh yeah. And they pretty much say that rape is okay.

stanford rapist
Probably where this asshole got the idea.

Louis Scolnick sneaks into the ‘moon room’ of a haunted house where the object of his affection, Betty Childs, head cheerleader and all around hottie, believes she is in a room with her jerk wad of a boyfriend, Stan. Hidden behind a mask, Louis takes advantage of the situation while Betty thinks she is getting intimate with her bf. Since the 80’s, the term rape has become much more defined and shenanigans like the one portrayed in the film would go over like a fart and a scuba suit.

The results of one of the most uncomfortable Google searches ever.

The inevitable remake

The original is dated and ‘blurs the lines’ of sexual consent. It does, however, have a strong message concerning bullies and how they can be handled. We as a society have become happy to be victimized. Now before everyone goes ape in the comments allow me to explain. I’m not saying that violence should be met with more violence as a solution because that simply only escalates the situation. However, I don’t think that standing up for oneself is a message that never goes out of style. A Revenge of the Nerds type of film would be an excellent example for society to look at, particularly today’s youth. Or they can just get Pew Die Pie to say a few words on the subject while he’s playing one of his damn video games.

“What the hell is a ‘Sugar-Free Daddy?”

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