Rogue One Predictions

Now that the dust has settled on the new trailer for Rogue One, which premiered during the Summer Olympics (USA! USA!) And fandom lost their collective shit, for good reason. I’ve been a Star Wars fan my entire life. I can say they because I was born the same year the first movie was released. Don’t worry about the math I can tell you I’m old.

getting old
“Get offa my lawn, Jar Jar!”

Needless to say, I’m hyped about the upcoming movie and I’d like to share a few things that I’d like to see in the flick. There will be no spoiler warning as I have no inside information on the film. All of this is purely speculation.


Princess Leia should appear in the film


This story is set around the time of A New Hope, with speculation being that it ends anywhere from a couple of weeks right up to a couple of minutes before the first film takes place. So Princess Leia would be around in some capacity. She is the one that will receive the data tapes in the first place setting off the events of the film. I’d say you could even get Carrie Fisher to reprise the role provided she is finished filming Episode VIII and doesn’t mind all the mo-cap work. I love her to death but for continuity’s sake we’d need some digital sprucing for that particular cameo.

Carrie Fisher
Man them special effects is fantastic

And it would be pretty neat to make that connection. After all, we have Jimmy Smits coming back as Bail Organa, her adopted father. It would be nice to see them actually interact to see what kind of relationship they had if even for only a few minutes. The technology is out there. And as far as I’m concerned, budget should be no object when a Star Wars film is concerned. It’s gonna make it’s money back. Trust me.


Darth Vader needs to regain ultimate badass status.


The prequels did what I didn’t think possible. They turned Darth Vader into a pussy. Child murder aside, Vader yelling, ‘nooooo’ after finding out about the death of Padme broke my heart. Almost as much as hearing an Academy Award winning actress utter that very phrase in a cringe worthy performance.

Next person that puts too much cream in my coffee is getting a saber enema. I like it on the Dark Side.

Darth Vader is my favorite character in all of Star Wars. If you think about it, the entirety of the first six movies is about his rise, fall and redemption. Given that the stories were told out of order I thankfully got to see the good stuff first. Once his name had been tarnished by the prequels, Rogue One needs to bring Vader back to evil form. I want to see why storm troopers within earshot of his asthmatic terror breath were pissing their pants.


Make some connections to the current trilogy


Admittedly, this is a bit selfish on my part. I’ve waited over 30 years for good Star Wars material (emphasis on good) and now that I have it, I can’t get enough of it. Sure there is a new ‘expanded universe’ with novels, television shows and comics, but this could be a prime opportunity for the films to set up story points for later sequels. Saw Gerrera first appeared in the Clone Wars cartoon and Benicio Del Toro is rumored to play an older version of Ezra Bridger from the Rebels cartoon. I love Max Von Sydow and was crushed when he only lasted a few minutes in episode VII. “What’s that? Ming the Merciless is gonna be in Star Wa—and he’s dead.”

“Why did he have to remind everyone I was in Flash Gordon. I was in the Exorcist too. He could have brought that one up…”

Don’t give me these great actors with enriched back-stories that I’ll never get to find out. Given that Max Von Sydow is an older actor and the fact that Rogue One takes place around 40 years before The Force Awakens, his character could easily pop up. I heard a theory that Mads Mikelson’s character, Galen Erso would become Lor San Tekka due to his actions in Rogue One so I suppose I’ll withhold judgment…for now.


Surviving Jedi


With the show Rebels, we’ve seen one Jedi who survived Order 66 along with a new force sensitive that he is training in the ways of the light side, but what about all the others. We know that Donnie Yen will be playing a character that is at least force sensitive in the film but what happened to the remains of the order? Needless to say, with the Emperor in power, the Jedi have gone into hiding with Vader on their tail like caramel on Velcro, but can they really all be eliminated?

Jedi Exterminators…They check in but they don’t check out!

Yoda told Luke that he was the last of the Jedi but what about all the other Force sensitives? We also know that Vader and the Empower are the only Sith around in the galaxy, yet Darth Maul survived his fateful duel on Naboo with Obi Wan through the dark side so he’s running around out there. One of the coolest aspects of Star Wars for me has always been the Force, Jedi Knights and the Sith so seeing users of either side would be most welcome for me.


That’s all I have for this round gang. It’s only predictions/speculation from a fan perspective. We only have a few months wait before we are all thrilled in the theatre at the modern spectacle that is Star Wars. Why does it have to be that long?

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