Stranger Things Can Happen Again

So I finally got done binging what everyone’s been talking about, a little show called Stranger Things. Wow. What a fantastic show. I’m not one to give reviews here at the blog because A) by the time I’ve watched something everyone else has already seen it and B) I’m too cynical to think that my opinion will sway someone to watch or not watch something so in the end it doesn’t really matter. I will happily discuss a particular television show or movie just not give a full on review. Okay.End rant.

Not the first or last time you’ll be seeing me around these parts.


Stranger Things, for the ill informed, and lets be honest, if you’re here you at least have a passing knowledge/love affair with it, is an homage piece set in the 1980’s. The show is made as if it were actually released in the 80’s, which is a stroke of genius. It made me think about a new aspect of the remakes that have dominated the cinematic landscape in favor (not mine mind you) of original stories. I do a regular series here called, ‘Movies that Hollywood shouldn’t remake (but probably will)’ and in that series I give my reasons for not remaking it and then suggest ways that they could handle a remake since they are more than likely going to do it anyway. Stranger Things has opened up a new way of me looking at remake handling.

You can only do it so much but there is more than one way.

If we are forced to endure remake after remake, provided it’s not going to be a ‘reboot’, why not set it in the era that it was made originally. Home Alone would make exactly zero sense in today’s world. After the parents figure out that poor old Kevin is all alone, they call him up on his cell phone, make sure he’s all right and boom, movie’s done in about twenty minutes. Of course they’ll have plenty of time to explore the Child Protective Services aspect that the first film seemed to gloss over.

Getting kicked around foster homes is a hard life.


Of course my plan does have a bit of a flaw in that it doesn’t really work for Sci fi/Fantasy epics or things like Captain America, where the more modern the setting, the more it would contrast with how the character deals with the differences he remembers. But, my solution is not meant to be an ultimate solution. It just goes to show that when a show like Stranger Things can create an entirely original world and capture the spirit of a film better than any remake/reboot has done to date, filmmakers should take notice.

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