At one of the premieres of the Suicide Squad this week, David Ayers addressed the crowd as a director does at one of these shindigs. At least I assume that’s what they do as I have never been lucky enough to actually attend one. During his address apparently a fan yelled out fuck Marvel to which, by his own admission was in the spirit of the moment repeated the fans sentiment to the dismay of Marvel fans everywhere. Ayers has since publicly apologized on Twitter and everything has been smoothed over like a peanut butter sandwich eaten by Billie Dee Williams.

I’m just over here Empire stoppin’ and panty droppin’

Just kidding. Of course that’s not the last of it. Marvel fans the world over have been calling for his head and berating the man for what was an off-handed comment that he openly admits he was sorry for. No one batted an eye when Robert Downey Jr. or Jason Mamoa did it. To the credit of Joe Quesada, CCO of Marvel Comics came to his aid and said that Ayers simply misspoke. I have talked previously about how the fan community should think before they speak so that we can have a more pleasant environment but I can see those calls went unheard.

Woman with arms crossed is sulking while her partner is talking to her
Like my wife when I try to explain the importance of shows like Preacher sticking to the source material.

We live in a golden age, fan boys and girls. Let me tell you about the world I grew up in. Good comic movies were pretty hard to come by. Sure you had your Superman: The move, Batman from ’89 and the occasional decent Marvel flick. Decent was the best you could have hoped for back then. We’re getting a Dr. Strange movie this year and not only does it look amazing it has not just fans excited but Marvel movies are considered by everyone to be some of the best things at the movie house. Wonder Woman premiered a trailer, which has received universal praise.

Who hurt you David Ayers? Point them out for me…I will end them.

So go ahead, keep on blowing up over dumb shit like this and see what happens. Crowds are going to stop supporting the movies, and then they’re not going to get made. It’s as simple as that. If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense as the wise poet DJ Quik once posited. It’s perfectly fine to have preferences and to care about certain things but we have to learn to pick our battles. Save our collective energies and rage for stupid shit like this.

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