The Rocketeer: Back in Black

Disney announced that they would be rebooting The Rocketeer yesterday with ‘a shocking twist’. Now the problem isn’t so much with the article itself. What I take issue with is them calling the casting of an African American shocking when in actuality it should be considered a nonchalant description of the title character.

Halle Berry2
Nothing to see her. just an ordinary actress getting cast.

If they were recasting the original role of Cliff Secord as an African American Female that may be considered a shocking twist. Though to be fair I’d probably just take issue with them doing a remake and pointing out that they were making changes just to separate themselves from the original. If you’re new to the blog I do a lot of bitching here. At any rate this is a sequel/reboot. I’m not entirely sure why they’d stick the reboot part in there unless they are going to tell the same exact story just with a different character. Hopefully that’s not the case. Say what you will about Tron Legacy but it was a genuine attempt to revisit the source material while telling a continuation of the story.

Tron Legacy
Also Olivia Wilde in a skin tight outfit was a nice touch.

Now, getting back to the African American Female part. As long as it works for the story, I’m down. I’ve seen countless ‘passing of the torch’ stories over the years and if done well can be quite entertaining. In some cases the new hero surpasses the old in some ways. (Wally West anyone?) I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that the change does feel a bit familiar in the fact that Marvel (Owned by Disney) recently made a big deal out of making an African American female, this time a teenager, the new Iron Man. Side note: the only issue I have with that is a female should be referred to as Iron Woman or Iron Lady. Not Iron Man but that’s just symantics. Having that said, I’m sure by the time the film comes out, Tony Stark will be Iron Man proper and Riri Williams will move on to become the new Iron Maiden (cue ‘The Number of the Beast.).

Still waiting on that Bill and Ted sequel…

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