The Ghost With The Most (reason to be left alone)

Yesterday, Michael Keaton stated in an interview with Variety that he didn’t expect to return to the title role of Beetlejuice. While on the whole it kind of sucks that we won’t be getting any more of our favorite Ghost with the most, it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Keaton goes on to say that if it couldn’t be done right, it should be left alone and I for one agree with him.

you should probably leave Batman alone as well. It will never get better than the 89′ version.

In a day and age of reboots, remakes and all the other jazz, Hollywood has gone back to the nostalgia well repeatedly and I for one am in the mood for something new. How many Transformers sequels do we really need? (Full disclosure, if someone offers me a million bucks to write one, I will write the shit out of, ‘Dawn of the headmasters’) Look at how many iterations of the Highlander remake have attempted to get off the ground and blew up faster than Donald Trump running through Hell with gasoline underwear on. The original is a classic starring a French-Canadian as a Scotsman and a Scotsman as an Egyptian. You can’t buy parings like that. All I have to say about a Highlander remake is Clancy Brown as the Kurgan or GTFO.

Sean Connery
“An Egyptian who dresses like a Spaniard played by a Scotsman. We were White-washing before it was cool” – Highlander Producers

Getting back to the subject at hand, Beetlejuice is a classic that worked on it’s own original merits and may have been meant to be a stand-alone picture. Tim Burton himself has stated that the only reason he wrote, ‘Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian’ was to get the suits off his back. I can see potentially doing a ‘Movies they shouldn’t remake’ column on this so I’ll save my thoughts on that for later. Take it from me Hollywood, if the main star and director of an original film are content to leave it as is, leave well enough alone. Focus on something new. And if the producers of Transformers are still interested in the Headmasters script leave a comment below with your contact info. I’ll be in touch.

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