Think Before You Speak (and post on the Internet)

A couple of months ago, there was a bunch of flack concerning fandom being sexist pigs. This is hardly news, however what sparked the initial rage was a YouTuber by the name of James Rolfe who came out and said that he had no interest in the film and would purposefully not do a review on it, probably in an attempt to distance himself from getting called a ‘hater’ simply because that is the popular thing to do.

I’ll just let everyone know my opinion on the Interne…and everyone hates me.

Little did he know, it would spark a feminist movement insinuating that the movie would be hated simply because it starred an all female cast. Now, to the best of my knowledge, Rolfe has not taken any backlash personally. At least in a public forum at any rate but the debate raises some interesting thoughts. In the current world we live in, it seems like there are no degrees of subtlety anymore. You are either right or wrong. If one doesn’t like something, it’s obviously for the worst reasons imaginable. I admit, when I heard that there was an all female cast to one of my favorite flicks of all time, I was…less than impressed to say the least. But not for the reasons you readers are no doubt thinking. I thought it was too gimmicky. In a flick that already featured four people trying to not only understand the supernatural but also catch them for fun and profit there was no need to make them all female. Mix it up sure. It doesn’t have to be all men either. Then I heard whom they had cast as the Ghostbusters themselves, and my fears were a bit alleviated. They cast 4 strong comedians. Excellent. Let’s get this thing under way.

nuclear spiders
“What could go wrong?”

Then I saw the trailer. Wow. You know the one. The worst liked video in YouTube history. I didn’t think it looked bad. Certainly no great cinematic masterpiece but decent for a summer popcorn flick. The Internet however disagreed with me, as they tend to do. The movie was released this past weekend and received reviews that were all over the board. Some loved it. Some hated it. Most seemed to think it was average at best. The box office receipts were decent but hardly provided the financial juggernaut I’m sure the studio was hoping for and haters I’m sure relished the fact that it was beaten by an animated movie in it’s second week of release.

secret life of pets
We were shocked too!

Ghostbusters 2016 did accomplish one thing in that it showed that we as fans can be part of the problem more often than we can be part of the solution. From making up reasons to hate something to claiming (wrongfully) that Hollywood’s main goal is to ruin our childhood, fans have adopted an entitlement attitude that serves no one and in actuality only exists in our minds. We own none of the material that we love and are therefore entitled to nothing save the stories that the filmmakers wish to tell. Do we have to agree with everything we do? Hell no! However we do have the right to support or not support what they give us. We can do this by focusing on the positives more often than the negatives. There’s enough of that shit in the real world. I don’t need it in my movies.

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