The Bitchening

It’s been awhile since I kept everybody up to speed on the ongoing health situation so I felt it was about time. Things have been going relatively well save for a few hiccups but I’m still staying positive.

Efforts to find a regular doctor hit a snag when my loving wife tried to set up an appointment with the nurse practitioner (are there any real doctors anymore). We received our insurance card, which was kind enough to have a nurse practitioner already on it. After looking the person up and trying to set up an appointment, we were informed that they no longer practice and we can’t set up an appointment with anyone until we get a card with someone’s name on it. But how can I get an appointment with someone if I have to have a card with a person’s name on it and I can’t get the card until I have an appointment? This is all making my head hurt.

Something the great Late Great Harry Carey would have called, an “Exercise in Futility”

The last time I went to the doctor for my regular checkups with my legs, specifically what’s left of it, it had gotten an infection for some reason. It’s been two months since surgery and now all of a sudden it’s deciding to act up. So we got some antibiotics and are continuing with the daily bandage changes. As a side note, I went for my first prosthetic fitting and they won’t even look at me until the would completely heals which takes forever because diabetics heal slower than a busy day at the Zootopia DMV.

SHHH…This is a shameless attempt to get hits on the blog by inserting a popular movie into it.

*Editor’s Note: Zootopia is a pretty good flick check it out


Everything else is going along pretty well. I’m keeping my sugars at a good level, I’m doing fairly well in school and my parents are coming out for a visit this week. That’s all for this edition of the bitchening. Tune in next time when I talk about calling insurance companies and blogging from the nut hut, my new residence after having dealt with insurance company phone calls.

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