5 Movie Quotes you can say to a Cop (That will totally get you arrested)

This is a sequel list to an article I had published over at Thought Catalog. Hope you guys enjoy it.


5 Movie Quotes you can say to a Cop (That will totally get you arrested)

While driving along the freeway, good old Harry Hardluck was pulled over by a state trooper, Ulyses Randolph Screwed (they called him U.R. for short). As the officer got out of his car and headed toward Harry’s vehicle, Harry got his lisence and registration out and popped a few tic tacs, hoping to mask his ‘spirited’ breath. As Harry turned his head to find the Officer already at his window, reflective Aviators in tow. This startled Harry who exclaimed,

Team America
“Fuck yeah!”





Officer Ulysses tapped on the window, gesturing Harry to roll down his window so that he could commence with the routine stop. “License and registration please sir. Harry handed over the requested credentials, avoiding eye contact as much as possible. “Do you know how fast you were going son? You were doing 20 miles UNDER the speed limit” Harry replied,

“All up in yo ass!”

“I Feel the need…the NEED FOR SPEED!” – TOP GUN


Ulyses smiled devilishly and asked Harry to step out of his vehicle, knowing he was about to make quota for the evening. Another patrol car pulled up. A female officer, Sharon Peters, exited her patrol car and began walking toward Harry and Ulysses. “You need any help, Sarge?” she asked. “Yeah, can you grab your breathalyzer? I can’t seem to find mine.” He replied. Harry bobbed side-to-side, unable to keep a steady stance, looked at Ulysses and said,

They’re both too old for this shit now

“All dressed up and no one to blow.” – Lethal Weapon


Ulysses faced Harry and began to scream some rederick about being respectful in front of female officers and proceeded to read Harry the riot act. Harry tried his best to pay attention to Ulysses but it was an uphill battle. Sharon arrived with her breathalyzer asked, “What’s the trouble, Sarge?” Before Ulysses could respond, Harry blurted out,

First Blood
Small town USA in the 80’s. Where long hair is a crime.

“There wouldn’t be any trouble if it weren’t for this king shit cop!” – First Blood


Ulysses had had enough, spun Harry around and pressed him against his car. He began to read Harry his rights and put him in the back of his police cruiser. He asked Sharon to wait for the tow truck while he took Harry off to be processed. She agreed. As they drove off, Sharon could hear the faint sounds of Harry protesting,

Al Pacino doing what he does best-screaming

“Attica! Attica!” – Dog Day Afternoon

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