I Don’t Roll On Shabbos

Saturdays have recently become my rest day. When I was in the rehab facility I was scheduled for two kinds of therapy for 5 days a week and Saturday is the first day that I can simply relax and collect my thoughts (and write them down and share with you wonderful folks.). I am now home (released on the first. Woohoo!) and have taken on my exercises by myself until my home physical therapy is set up. I’ve been going six days a week from Sunday to Friday and on Saturday I take my rest day.

The thought of working out today is…wait for it…unbearable

Rest days are important in any workout regimen let alone training to get back to where you once were. Not only do they allow the muscles time to heal and grow back stronger, but they also allow your mind to reflect on where you are in your routine, make changes if need be, and decide if you are happy with how your progress is going. Now despite the title of this blog, I’ll go ahead and clarify that I did not convert my religious beliefs, my rest day happens to fall on the same day as the time honored tradition that John Goodman observed in The Big Lebowski and since my blog is called Cinematic Apocalypse there should be a movie reference in it from time to time

I mean…call me crazy

Things are going well otherwise. I got my stitches removed this past Friday and I have a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks to check on the progress. I go in for my first prosthetic fitting on the 15th (no word yet on whether it will have the super human crushing power that I requested) and I’m pretty acclimated to home life. Working on getting a primary care doctor so that I can keep my diabetes in check and getting back into the swing of things regarding school. That’s all for this update gang. I’ll of course keep everyone in the loop but just know that any major changes that come along, I shall abide.

Unless we run out of white russians. Then i’m gonna lose my shit.

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