Happy Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate the strong women who have molded us and shaped us into the generation we are today. As I’m about to talk about, it doesn’t have to be the woman who gave birth to you but a significant female in your life who has been a strong influence or inspiration to you.

Yesterday my Mother-in-Law flew back home to North Carolina after spending some time with my wife and me after my initial hospitalization. As soon as she heard what happened she dropped everything and came to our side. For about a month she helped us with paperwork and various things that needed to be done as well as helping to keep the house tidied up and was a support system for us.


But the main reason I’m writing this blog is to talk about the woman who gave birth to me all those many moons ago. My mom has been absent since the whole hospital thing and for very good reason. A couple of weeks before my troubles began, she had surgery on her legs and was going through the rehab process as well and was unable to travel…well anywhere. Her surgery was not as elaborate as mine (she still has all her limbs. Not to sound whiny but this is after all MY blog. If she wants to fill you in she can start her own) but it was still enough to keep her in MD while the worst of everything was going down. In point of fact, my wife was out there taking care of her when I was unceremoniously taken to the hospital and had to leave my mom to come to my side. (Sorry mom)


Having all that said I know it’s killing my mother that she hasn’t been able to come out here and see me but she has been supportive in many other ways. Her going through rehab with me simultaneously has proven to be an inspiration to me in my own journey. Whenever I’ve been down on my luck, financially her and my dad have always been there. She has truly been my guardian angel for not only this little hiccup but ever since I was born. You’re an inspiration to me, Mom.


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