Hurt My Nose

WARNING: NSFW pic at the end of this blog.


Well It’s been a couple of days since I last updated, but there’s a reason for that, wanna hear it? Here it goes! I got into my rehab facility! Yaaay. But hold on to those yays space ponies. It did not come without its hiccups (some still ongoing). To start with I was promised a private room. After being unceremoniously plopped at the front door, with no paperwork, they shove me in a room with someone. Special shout out to my Mother-in-Law and wife for jumping on the proper asses to get this situation remedied in a timely fashion. To the rehab center’s credit, they were pretty quick to make things right and have been pretty accommodating ever since.

One advantage to the rehab center over the hospital is the Wifi is a bit less restrictive here so I’ve been able to catch up on all my shows and my social media has been friendlier to updates(when I’ve actually gotten off my ass to do so that is.) Other than that it’s been pretty smooth sailing, getting adjusted to like with the new changes. My sugar levels have been excellent even hitting the low side a few times. Which isn’t good either but at least when it’s low it’s because I’m trying to hard. When it’s high it’s because I’m usually not trying at all. Before I go, as promised, the nsfw pic. Not for the squeamish, guys.

Disgusting. Living in a city of perpetual sunlight and I still have milky white legs.

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