Busier Than a One-Legged Man in a…

It’s been about a week since surgery. Getting used to the new ‘status quo’ has been interesting to say the least. The former site of my leg still feels like it’s there so I’m getting the ‘infamous’ phantom limb feelings. Not only that but it feels like it’s sore, like after the ultimate leg day challenge. Should be interesting as I enter rehab. I’m almost hesitant to call it rehab because I keep thinking of the Kenny Powers joke, “I hurt my nose” and then to top if off, I’ll be completing my rehab in a nursing home. So if I was beginning to feel my age before, that’s about to really ramp up. I’ve done a good job of keeping up on my diet while in here with the exception of the Nico’s Breakfast burrito the day of surgery as that should be a rule of life. If one day you lose a limb, you get a breakfast burrito.

My nutritionist is turning me onto the miracle of glucerna to balance my levels out. Apparently she feels that the diet I have set up should have some additional calories. It’s cool, It’ll come in handy when I’m making ‘dem gainz’. Not much else to report. I will get more into my new physical routine as I get into it as well as picture updates.


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