Twas the Night before Surgery

So I’m sitting here in my hospital room the night before the surgery. THE Surgery. I’m not really sure what makes this one any more special than the two previous ones I’ve had this week. The first was an emergency amputation of my left foot and the one after that was a debriefment in preparation fort he big surgery tomorrow, essentially shaping my leg for what would be the ultimate setup for my prosthetic.

I guess I’m using this time to reflect on how I got here. Well, the short answer is stubbornness. Despite warnings from my family, friends and medical professionals, I opted to saw screw it and just didn’t pay attention, a mistake which has now literally cost me a leg. But no more.

Today starts the journey to better myself. To be the man I’m supposed to be. The man my wife deserves, the man my family and friends deserve and most importantly, the father my daughter deserves. I’m going to use the blog to take you guys on the journey with me. You’ll see me soar to new heights and in all likelihood stumble along the way(that will be the fun part), but together I know I can be the best and I want to share the wealth.

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