Beating a Dead Harrison

It was announced yesterday that Stephen Spielberg and Harrison Ford would be returning to one of the roles that cemented them as Hollywood gods among critics and audiences alike, which got me to thinking. I remember when the last movie was announced. My friends and I came to the universal decision that no one wanted to see an 80 year old Indiana Jones trying to run around doing all the classic action scenes he had been previously known for. Now I have no intention of turning this into a review of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I will say I don’t hate it as much as everyone else. What I am saying is that was the last movie and for the most part, my friends and I were correct. Indy was too old to thrill audiences as he once did. By the time Indy 5 is released, Harrison Ford will literally be nearing 80 years old.

And I still look better than you, dipshit
And I still look better than you, dipshit


Now I’m now saying that, from an acting standpoint, that Harrison Ford can’t handle the job. Hell, when they talked about Indy being in World War II, I was instantly more interested in that storyline. Seeing him command soldiers into the fight against evil? Sign me up! I just don’t think that he can convincingly carry the action elements anymore.  Certainly there were stuntmen that did all the work even in the original films, however it’s the small things that would focus on Indy specifically that I think will take me out of the film as it did with Crystal Skull. As much as I hate to say it, The Indiana Jones series could stand a reboot. I’m all for giving it to Chris Pratt. He was essentially Han Solo in Guardians of the Galaxy. He was in Jurassic World, a part of which was offered to Harrison Ford in Jurassic Park. That way we could go back to the late 30’s and 40’s, which was a crucial part of the Indy franchise. Don’t get me wrong. Harrison came back for The Force Awakens and is all kinds of awesome in it. I just think Harrison Ford has said all he really wanted to say with the character.

It belongs in a me!
It belongs in a museum…like me!

My basic point is this. Don’t spoil something by giving us too much of a good thing. You can still have Indiana Jones without tarnishing it by giving us less than stellar entries into the series. A friend of mine suggested he finds the fountain of youth, dips in and boom, you can reboot the series, giving Harrison Ford a proper send off while taking it in a new direction. They could put his character in a museum, where it belongs.

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