Go Ha’R’d or Go Home

It’s come to my attention that some people feel that there should be a ‘PG-13 version of the upcoming Merc with a Mouth movie coming out next month, and it actually got me to thinking. Deadpool the comic has never really been an R rated character in the comics. Sure, he’s had the random “Max” issue here and there but for the most part, he’s been censored to appeal to the widest audience possible. Most times the censorship was part of the gag, especially when Ol’ Wade would break the fourth wall. Now, I’ve always been of the opinion that if something CAN be filled with sex and violence until it’s popping at the seams, then it SHOULD be done so. I grew up in the 80’s after all. I was no stranger to excess.

Okay…Maybe not that much.


Having all that said, the first trailer was released, gloriously uncensored and I realized then and there that I could not go back. There was no way to unhear all the F-bombs being hilariously bandied about or unsee all the comedic deaths. After all Deadpool was created in the 90’s where over the top was par for the course so it only made sense for him to be that way in his first movie. The controversy all started when China banned the R rated version of the film and someone decided to take that as a sign and petition for a PG-13 version of the film so that children could see it. This is where my dilemma comes in. Since Deadpool was never really an R rated character in the comics, he was aimed at teenagers with their goofy, immature sense of humor. So in all fairness, they should be the target audience. I mean, realistically, they can get around the R rating. They’ll just buy a ticket for Zoolander 2 and walk into Deadpool. It’s one of the oldest scams in the book. Hell, they can even go the honest way and just go accompanied by an adult, but let’s face it, the former is more than likely to happen which kind of pisses me off. That means that Zoolander will take the weekend with ease, and the big wigs at Fox will piss away any thought of a sequel. It was hard enough to get this thing off the ground to begin with.

It’s my one shot at a Good comic movie…c’mon guys don’t fuck this up!

The only other solution I can come up with is release both but the only thing that’s going to do is the aforementioned buy a ticket for the PG-13 version and then sneaking into the R-rated version which will only cement them in going full on PG-13 for future sequels since that’s the one that makes the money. Ultimately, at this stage of the game, with the release less than a month away, it is unlikely that a PG-13 version would even be available in time for release, so kids are just going to have to wait until they’re older to…. Yeah I can’t even finish that thought.

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