Picking up right where the last episode left off, the Flash continues to be on of my favorite shows on television. Now, full disclosure time. I have been a Flash fan since the early 90’s when the original television show came out. It’s what got me into comics and really the whole geek culture.

I'm so geeky i wear Flash shirts to meet horror Icons
I’m so geeky i wear Flash shirts to meet horror Icons

So right off the bat, Barry doesn’t trust Jay. It’s understandable considering everything he went through with Harrison Wells, but I feel that he may have taken it a bit too far. Sure, he’s been hurt in the past; however, the Barry I know is more willing to give the benefit of the doubt regardless of his past experiences. Should he have blind faith in everyone who claims to be a hero and have his best intentions at heart? No, probably not. However, after passing most of the tests brought forth by the star labs team, I’m thinking Barry would have been a little more trusting, at least to the point of not locking the man up. Jeez Barry. Maybe it’s time to get laid.

Dang...he really does move fast...
Dang…he really does move fast…

Bringing us to the relationship issues of the show. After Ronnie’s death in the first episode it was good to see Caitlin kind of moving on in the form of Jay. Now, the old comic fan in me is a little unsure of this pairing mainly because I know that Jay is Married to a sweet lady named Joan and that Caitlin has a cold heart that only a certain hero can really warm up. But it’s okay. Change is good. Straying from the source material doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. My biggest issue here is that if I know it’s not going to be the happily ever after it’s just kind of wasting time. Much like the pairing of Barry and Patty Spivot. Now, these characters have dated in the comics and the onscreen chemistry between Grant Gustin and Shantel VanSanten is one of the better parts of the episode. It flows naturally. While I think that Barry and Iris will ultimately end up together as that’s the way it happened in the comics as well as set up in the first season, I know they probably won’t last, but I will enjoy “Batty” (do they still combine names in relationships anymore? I know pop culture, not hip culture) for as long as it lasts.

I'll be your victim, Zoom!
I’ll be your victim, Zoom!

And we got our first clear view of Zoom, voiced by the enigmatic smooth tones of the great actor, Tony Todd. As a villain, his goal is clearly laid out and he presented a menacing presence that actually filled me with dread as I watched him onscreen. Few television shows or movies for that matter have done that. Bravo Flash Team! Overall it was a strong episode that was well written with proper motivations given for each character to move the plot along and not just a simple “because”. I don’t have to tell anyone about the homage at the end featuring the cover of ‘The Flash of Two Worlds’. The ‘surprise’ at the end was definitely interesting and may lead to the introduction of another character. but we’ll have to wait to let that one unfold.

Rating 5 stars.

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