Star Wars has been near and dear to my for my entire life. I was born the year ‘A New Hope’ was released in theaters, so there has literally never been a time where I have existed that Star Wars hasn’t. As such, I have grown to love the franchise for many years. With the upcoming release of the ‘New Trilogy’ I thought it would be fun to share a couple of theories before the release and see how accurate I am when the movie finally drops.

In case anyone is avoiding such material, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Theory #1

Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren are all children of original cast members.

Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way right off the bat. J.J. Abrams has specifically said that Finn and Rey’s last name were purposefully omitted and that Kylo Ren wasn’t even the characters real name. It was one he adopted once he joined the Knights of Renn. So therein lies the question. Who exactly are these people? Well, I’ll start with Finn. The only original cast member he could be related to is obviously Lando Calrissian, right? I mean, they are both black after all (open your minds, folks. It’s the 21st century.). The recent Marvel Comics (which are establishing the new Extended Universe because the old one wasn’t good enough apparently.) that are building stories leading up to Episode VII have established that Han Solo was married to a black woman before he started knocking Leia’s boots across the galaxy. Now, my logic for this is pretty simple. There isn’t much of a point of introducing a new character like that, especially one as out of place as a wife of Han Solo and not do anything with her.

"A black Sherriff?!"
                        “A black Sherriff?!”

Which brings us to Rey. The Internet is pretty much already jumping on the Rey is the daughter of Han and Leia bandwagon and for the most part, my theory goes along with theirs. However, I still have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’m not getting the whole story. Why would it be so cut and dry? JJ Abrams is the man that was responsible for Lost. I highly doubt I should take anything at face value. So being the Star Wars fanatic that I am coupled with the fact that I like taking different factors of movies and bringing them to their logical conclusion despite my utter hatred of math, this is what I came up with. As it turns out, twins run in the Skywalker family. Leia is, by blood a Skywalker. Logic brings me to the conclusion that if in fact Rey is Leia’s daughter that in all likelihood she had a twin who I believe will be revealed as Kylo Ren. A big part of the drama of the original trilogy was the familial relations between Luke and Vader. Granted we didn’t find out the connection until the end of the light saber battle in ‘Empire’ but once it was established, it retroactively set up a more intense fight upon repeat viewings. Added to the fact that Kylo Ren has a Darth Vader obsession (potential Grandfather?) and a strong rumor running around that he has an uneasy relationship with Han Solo (him being force-phobic and certainly no fan of Darth Vader) are just some of the clues that brought me here.

Theory #2

Princess Leia has turned to the Dark Side.

I will admit upfront that this one came to me out of the blue with no overt evidence to support it other than, “Because”. However, when I started thinking about it, in conjunction with some of my other theories, it started to make sense. My initial thought process was that Luke was going to have turned to the dark side because A) it would be shocking to the random movie-goer and B) it would be sort of fan service to the Star Wars Geek who gobbled up all of the Expanded Universe stuff up and was now all butt hurt that the powers that be decided it wasn’t cannon any more (Shocking I know. Us Fan boys are not an argumentative bunch, especially since the advent of the ‘net). But then I got to thinking. What if Leia had turned? I mean, admittedly, Leia did have a bit on her mind when Luke told her they were related (Presumably trying to mind wipe all the sex fantasies she’d had about him) right after hearing that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. Sure, they could have had different fathers, however Leia claimed that she had somehow always known they were twin siblings so the weight of the actual reveal could have been too much.

"Jedi Mind tricks don't work on the weak minded...i'll just have to Force lightning this shit out!"
“Jedi Mind tricks don’t work on the weak minded…i’ll just have to Force lightning this shit out!”

But let’s dig a little deeper. Obviously the movies didn’t explore the emotional roller coaster Leia would have taken and to the best of my knowledge neither did any of the follow up novels or comics aside from a ‘what if’ tale. So what would happen in the aftermath of her discovery? Basic psychology tells us that it is the daughters who generally are shaped by their fathers. It’s true that Bail Organa raised Leia and most of her life was obviously shaped by his ideals but then one day, she finds out that her real father is the personification of evil in the galaxy. I guarantee you she goes through a rebellious (no pun intended) phase. Sure, maybe nothing overtly evil but something that has long lasting effects, like say, not picking up the pieces of a broken Empire. Certainly, Padme would have been first mouse to that cheese and we’d be looking at New Republic (or whatever they’d decide to call it. Branding is such an important part of any government). Fast forward a couple of decades, where she’s got a couple of twins, raised with the experience of good and peppered with the feelings of the dark side she was unable to shake combined with the knowledge that Vader is her father (and Kylo Renn’s grandfather) and we have the makings of a Sith Lord working in secret. (They tend to do that.)

Theory #3

Captain Phasma is the female Boba Fett


This one I have to say is a little disheartening as far as theories go. Now before I go into detail I’m going to clarify something. When I say I think she is going to be the female Boba Fett, I don’t mean that she will somehow be a clone of him or in anyway related to his character. I’m not saying that it won’t happen either, all I’m saying is that I think her character will be the mysterious character that may have at best 5 lines in the whole film and she won’t be fleshed out. One reason I am disheartened is that, for one thing, as soon as I saw the ‘chrome trooper’ I was all together impressed. I’m thinking he’s going to be the stand out badass of the empire. At the time I didn’t know that it was a female character or that they had renamed the Empire to the First Order. Now that I know that her Name is Captain Phasma and a bit of her rumored story arc, I hope that she isn’t relegated to background character that looks cool and has some cool action scenes with no substance.

"I'm cooler than a polar bear's nut sack"
“I’m cooler than a polar bear’s nut sack”

One of Star Wars biggest complaints is that there is a general lack of strong female characters. When casting was announced, that was one of the first complaints I saw in news articles and message boards was the lack of females. Sure people refer to Princess Leia as a strong character (I humbly disagree but that conversation is for a future blog), but by and large, Star Wars is a male dominated galaxy. Understandable as its target audience is teenage boys but lets face reality. Everyone loves Star Wars. And out of the four women I know are cast in this flick, only two of them are visible, and one of them is from the original cast reprising her role. As a father of a young and impressionable daughter, I want to show her strong female characters. Captain Phasma doesn’t even look feminine with all the armor plating on. Now I could be jumping the gun here (which is kind of the point of the whole post) but I feel that keeping Captain Phasma under the helmet is a disservice to her character and to Star Wars fans the world over.

That’s all I have for this one guys. I mean I have Star Wars theories for days, but I don’t want to bore you and truthfully, I got to have something to keep content on a steady stream. If you like what you read, go ahead and give us a like or a share and even hitting the subscribe button will help out immensely.

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